Our clothing collections for adults have been created for individuals seeking
conscious, timeless fashion, with the latest trends in mind. We create practical and comfortable clothing for men and for women, including options for more important occasions:
you’ll find the perfect party looks in our collections, work clothes and items
for everyday wear.


mujer de pie, mirando hacia abajo, vestida con una camisa negra y lentes de sol blancos circulares

The confidence is in you. We provide the fashion to proudly show it off!

LOSAN - mujer apoyada contra la pared, con un vestido estampado en blanco y negro

Timeless, and with the guarantee of a perfect fit whatever the look, the Black & White items in our adult collection team perfectly with your style and outfits.

LOSAN - mujer de pie ajustándose abrigo marrón
Hombre apoyado contra la pared mirando a la cámara, vestido con una camisa negra con botones y pantalones beige
LOSAN - Collection Men Women Daily comfort, hombre sentado en una silla, con abrigo azul


Soft knits are here to stay! Once you’ve felt maximum comfort, there’s no going back.

Vista lateral de un hombre de pie, mirando a la cámara, vestido con una chaqueta gris, pantalones blancos y blancos.
LOSAN - Collection Men Women Black/White, woman adjusting black coat looking at camera
retrato, de, un, hombre, el mirar lejos, de, cámara, llevando, un, azul, suéter, con, camisa gris, debajo

Jersey knit trousers, piqué knit shirts, stretchy knit tops: knits, knits, and more knits… worn with a jacket, you can expect comfort all day long.

LOSAN - Collection Men Women Mountain Time, retrato de mujer con sudor azul y una camisa estampada


perfil lateral, de, un, mujer estar de pie, vestido, un, marrón largo, camisa, vaqueros, y, negro, botas

Like all LOSAN collections, this collection is inspired by the fall/winter trends for 2022.

The Mountain Time theme gets its inspiration not only from the latest fashion trends, but also from the mesmerising colours of the mountains.

Mujer de pie, mirando a la cámara, vestida con una sudadera azul con una camisa naranja estampada debajo
LOSAN - Collection Men Women