LOSAN is a fashion brand that’s been on the market for over 35 years, with clothing for all age groups. With a wide range of clothing for newborn babies, for babies, for children and adults, as well as the LSN collection, with fashion for teenagers and young adults, LOSAN is a diversified fashion brand for all ages. With its diversified fashion for babies, for kids and for adults, LOSAN accompanies each person as their personality is shaped.

LOSAN is currently present in over 40 countries, and has over 600 points of sale – find the your nearest store here.

LOSAN aims to contribute to how each person expresses themselves and to their individuality, valuing personality and the way they relate to others. We are inspired by expressive and spontaneous beings. This is why LOSAN develops urban, trendy, comfortable and affordable fashion that enables children to shape their personality.

LOSAN’s collections are all designed following the latest trends and ensuring that each item boasts attitude. Our customers are encouraged to have their unique style, to express themselves and create their own look.

LOSAN’s collections are designed to follow the latest fashion trends for children and adults, creating expressive looks and outfits with an attitude. Each item is carefully developed, ensuring quality clothing with a unique design, and using raw materials that provide maximum comfort for babies, children and adults alike.

• Fashion for Newborn Babies

Our collections for newborn babies include clothing from age 0 to 12 months. All our clothes for newborns are made from quality materials that ensure babies’ comfort and safety.

• Fashion for Babies

Our collections for babies include clothing from age 3 to 24 months. We invest in collections that are more expressive, but also in casual, basic fashion, ensuring that we offer a wide range of possibilities for different styles.

• Fashion for Children

The different fashion options in our kids’ collections are divided into clothing for boys and clothing for girls, aged 2 to 12 years; we’ve also added an urban clothing brand to our kids’ fashion collection. LSN comprises LSN TRY and LSN GO.


At LSN TRY you’ll find fashion for children taking their first steps in setting their own irreverent style. LSN TRY invests in fashion with verve and attitude for ages 8 to 16 years, for kids shaping their personality, who want to express themselves with what they wear.


LSN GO focuses on the 16-25 age group, offering clothes that are available from size S to 3XL. We create disruptive clothing based on streetwear fashion trends with a more urban look. Our LSN GO collections feature irreverent designs, colourful clothes, sweatshirts with provocative messages and patterns, and wide T-shirts with an innovative look.

• Fashion for adults

Our clothing collections for adults have been created for individuals seeking conscious, timeless fashion, with the latest trends in mind. We create practical and comfortable clothing for men and for women, including options for more important occasions: you’ll find the perfect party looks in our collections, work clothes and items for everyday wear.