Our collections for children comprise an array of options to suit different moments throughout the day. Check out the LOSAN collection with the best kids’ fashion suggestions for fall/winter 2022.

LOSAN - Collection SCHOOL FRIENDS, Kid looking at pocket wearing a multi colored jacket and printed white shirt


Based on the School Friends theme, we’ve created the ideal collection for school. The suggestions in this theme include practical and comfortable attire that will give you the freedom of movement to play and run around freely when you meet your school friends again.

little kid standing wearing a striped shirt and skirt combo
Kid playing with a skateboard wearing a multicolored jacket
Two toddlers sitting on bench wearing a striped orange and yellow sweat and standing wearing a pink sweat


LOSAN - Doggy collection, three kids playing around a yellow bench wearing multi colored clothing

The Doggy theme offers a collection of clothes for fearless kids, full of energy, with a positive message to give at all times.

If you’re looking for kids’ clothes that will allow you to chase new adventures, check out our stretchy cotton trousers, our practical T-shirts and sweatshirts, lined for extra snugness, and the indispensable padded jackets for children.

Side profile of a kid standing up looking at camera wearing a crown and a grey sweat with multi colored lettering
Kid standing up looking at camera wearing a crown and a grey sweat with multi colored lettering
Side profile of a toddler playing around wearing grey overalls and pink sweat


LOSAN - Happy Black a collection, kid standing up next to yellow bench wearing a pink and black combo of sweat and printed leggings

It’s not ghosts, black cats, or little monsters that bring bad luck. Bad luck is not knowing about this collection we’ve created. A collection for youths like yourself, kids that need comfy clothing for everyday wear, or for special occasions, such as Halloween.


LOSAN - Stella Chic collection, Kid standing up touching a crown on top of her head, while wearing a grey dress and black boots
Portrait of little kid wearing a crown with a grey dress

Big little children demand big little outfits that don’t forfeit comfort, or a sophisticated look. Stella Chic garments for kids are the result of merging well-being and elegance.

LOSAN - Collection KIDS