LOSAN - Fall winter 2022 collection, two women sitting on a couch wearing shirt and hoodie

LSN GO focuses on the 16-25 age group. We create disruptive clothing based on streetwear fashion trends with a more urban look. Our LSN GO collections feature irreverent designs, colourful clothes, sweatshirts with provocative messages and patterns, and wide T-shirts with an innovative look.

Man and woman sitting next to each other on couch, wearing black t-shirt and black hoodie
LOSAN - Collection Dark Shadow - Portrait of woman looking at camera wearing a grey sweatshirt


Man sitting on couch wearing a black hoodie next to a woman sitting on floor wearing grey sweatshirt

What are you afraid of? Fear is for those who don’t take chances. There’s nothing stopping you from going where you want to go. Go! Long or short sleeve crop tops, leggings in black leather-type material, hoodies: take your own LSN GO look with you and you’ll see you have what it takes to make it all happen.

Man standing up leaning on door, wearing a printed shirt, next to a framed photograph
photographic set, with a white door with a sentence written in black lettering with a framed photograph on the floor next to it
Man standing up looking down, wearing a printed white short, next to a closed door with sentence written in black lettering
Woman lying on black couch wearing black pants, with plaid shirt, sunglasses and beanie hat
woman sitting against a glass wall, wearing a printed shirt and black leggings
woman standing up, wearing a light green beanie, black jacket and black skirt
Woman standing up next to a closed door with black setence written into it, wearing a black top and black pants
Man standing up next to glass wall, wearing blue sweat with LOSAN logo in light green
Photographic set, displaying a room with a closed door with a sentence written in black lettering next to a empty black couch
Woman leaning against glass wall, wearing a black and white hoodie
Man wearing a black shirt standing up next to a man wearing a white sweat with blue print wearing a light green beanie


LOSAN - Collection Athleisure - back view of a man standing up wearing a white shirt and black pants
Back view of a man standing up wearing a grey hoodie
Man jumping in photographic set wearing a back and orange hoodie and black pants

It doesn’t really matter where you’re going or why. What does matter is that you go! Whether you want to go skating, running, dancing, parkouring… whatever you choose to do, LSN has the sports attire that will accompany you and help you excel. Sports leggings, joggers, sweatshirts that will allow you to move freely: check it all out at LSN GO’s fall/winter collection.

woman standing up wearing a black hoodie with lettering with another woman sitting in front wearing a pink and white hoodie
Back view of a woman with arms above head wearing a white open back top
Man wearing a black hoodie with stripped pants crouching next to a crouching man wearing a grey hoodie with black pants
Blue tinted Polaroid picture of a woman on the floor in a ballet position wearing a white top and black pants
woman sitting on floor with arms above head in a yoga position wearing a white and pink hoodie
Woman sitting on floor in a yoga position wearing a pink hoodie and black leggings


LOSAN - Collection Casual, man sitting on skateboard wearing a green beanie white sweat and a yellow hoodie over his shoulder
Woman sitting on yellow chair, looking down, wearing white sweat and brown pants and orange sneakers
woman standing up, wearing a blues sweat and pants with a yellow hoodie over her shoulder
man standing up, wearing an open plaid jacket, white hoodie and brown pants

Let’s go! The best days of your life are outdoors: go get them! Grab an LSN oversized jacket, a jumper or a cotton jacket, or even a sweatshirt– you decide what you want to wear; we have everything you’re looking for. 

portrait of a woman looking at camera, wearing a beige sweat while holding a black hat
Man sitting on yellow chair, wearing red hoodie with lettering and brown pants
Side view of a woman standing up, wearing a blue sweat with a white shirt under, walking out of frame
LOSAN - Collection GO